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we're not a fan of taxis - but we're also not in the top 1%; here's what you need to know.

- does Poland have Uber?
- how much does it cost?
- is it safe to go by taxi?



Taxis are commonplace in Poland, though perhaps not to the same extent as in cities like New York City or London. However, if you look for a taxi, you will find one quickly.

We want to say straight away that we recommed taking an Uber over a taxi; however, there are people who feel unsafe in Ubers or have been disappointed by Uber in the past - in such cases, read on.

typical Warsaw taxi

taxi in Cracow

getting a taxi

There are two ways of getting hold of a taxi in Poland. You can either simply find one waiting for passengers or call one to a specific location. You do this by dialing the taxi company's phone and stating your location (preferably the address) and what time you want the taxi to show up. Click the button below to see the phone numbers of recommended taxi companies in the biggest cities.

recommended taxi companies - phone numbers

  • Warsaw - +48 228 111 111 (Ele Taxi)
  • Cracow - +48 609 400 400 (Barbakan Taxi)
  • Gdańsk - +48 586 664 444 (Green Cab Taxi)
  • Wrocław - +48 713 828 282 (Eko Taxi)
  • Poznań - +48 618 219 219 (Taxi RMI)
  • Łódź - +48 519 000 400 (Green Cab Taxi)
  • Szczecin - +48 914 833 833 (Taxi 4 You)
  • Katowice - +48 327 232 323 (Lider Taxi)

  • For cities not mentioned above, it is best to Google the name of the city with the keyword taxi and select the first result.


    Taxis in Poland are not expensive. They typically cost somewhere between 1.8-3.0 zł [0.4-0.7 EUR] per kilometer, with a starting price of about 7 zł [1.6 EUR]. An hour of standby costs somewhere around 40 zł [9.3 EUR]. Remember to bring cash when taking a regular taxi - you can rarely pay by card.

    Please note that it is generally more expensive during the night (up to 50% more).


    There have been no cases of unsafe driving in the taxi industry in recent years. There is also no risk of scamming. You do not need to bargain the price (and will not be able to even if you tried).

    To be fully safe from scammers, make sure that you only take taxis that have a working kilometer counting device.

    taxi waiting area

    kilometer counting device


    As of 2019, Uber works in a handful of Polish cities, namely Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk (and surrounding Gdynia and Sopot), Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź, and Katowice (and the surrounding aglomeration).

    In those cities, Uber is readily available and wildly popular. It works exactly as well as in big Western European cities and the USA or Canada.

    To call an Uber, you simply download the Uber app, make an account, and choose a pick-up and drop-off point. Then, you pay online by card, wait for the car to show up and identify it by its car brand, model, and number plate.

    typical UberX car

    typical Uber Select car


    Uber in Poland is truly dirt cheap. Now, there are two classes of Uber in Poland - UberX and Uber Select, with the latter being the more luxurious option. If you want to be sure that you won't need to cramp into a small car, paying a little extra for Uber Select can be worth it.

    The base fare costs 4 zł [0.9 EUR] for UberX and 7 zł [1.6 EUR] for Uber Select. For UberX service, you pay an additional 0.25 zł [0.06 EUR] per minute and 1.3 zł [0.3 EUR] per kilometer. For Uber Select, you pay an additional 0.35 zł [0.08 EUR] per minute and 1.7 zł [0.4 EUR] per kilometer. The minimum total fare for both classes is 10 zł [2.3 EUR]. The cost of canceling an Uber is also 10 zł [2.3 EUR].

    Prices often get inflated at times of increased demand, especially during the night and during the weekend (up to 100% more).

    It should also be noted that, in Warsaw, you can also order an Uber Van, which fits up to 7 people and costs approximately twice as much as a regular Uber.


    Uber drivers often drive a bit too fast (though not dangerously fast by any means). This means that you get to your destination quicker, of course, and you can always ask the driver to slow down (and they will). Otherwise, there have been no safety issues. If you're drunk, Uber drivers will often wait for you to get inside the house you're dropped off at to make sure you're safe for the entirety of your journey.