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szczecin guide by a local

Szczecin, Poland - a rather undiscovered city of 500 thousand that is the perfect blend of Poland's culture - here's what you should know.

- what are the things to do in Szczecin?
- what are the best restaurants in Szczecin?
- how does public transport in Szczecin work?


what to see

what to see

where to eat

where to eat

best hotels

best hotels

day trips

day trips

getting there

getting there

getting around

getting around


what to see in Szczecin

Grzegorz says:
Szczecin's attractions are actually a little bit out of the way and it's important to know what you're looking for and looking at when walking through the city. The list below will be very helpful.

top 10 attractions in Warsaw on greyscale simple map
top 10 attractions in Warsaw on greyscale simple map

icon of number 1 with pink text and shadow Ducal Castle

Starting off our Szczecin Guide is the Ducal Castle. First erected in 1428 and reconstructed in 1944, the Ducal Castle of Szczecin was the residence of the dukes of Pomerania-Stettin. The castle looms over central Szczecin with its gothic facade, and its interiors are used for various historical events.

Events in the castle can be attended by booking a ticket on the castle's official website. Sightseeing in the castle's courtyards is also possible from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

from the outside

inside view

icon of number 2 with pink text and shadow Szczecin Philharmonic

Constructed in 2015 and a laureate of the EU's prize of Contemporary Architecture, Szczecin Philharmonic is the site of the city's orchestral concerts, which can be attended for as little as 25 zł [5.8 EUR]. However, even if you're not planning of going to a concert, the building is truly worth experiencing, as its remarkable, modern triangular roof and white facade has recently become somewhat of a symbol of Szczecin.

Szczecin Philharmonic official website

Grzegorz recommends:
Szczecin Philharmonic is one of those buildings you will always remember and associate with a given city. It is a must-see both during the day and during the night.

view from the outside

view from the inside

icon of number 3 with pink text and shadow Chrobry Embankment

The Chrobry Embankment is a general term for the banks of the river Odra near the National Museum in Szczecin. The promenade stretching along the bank is a great place for a walk, especially at sunset, and a great place to a experience modern urban life in Poland, or perhaps to have a picnic.

view at sunset

boats at Chrobry Embankment

icon of number 4 with pink text and shadow Old Town

Szczecin's proper Old Town is rather small among major Polish cities, but it is charming nonetheless and a must-see for those who will not be visiting any other cities in Poland during their stay. The Market Square boasts a few classic Polish tenement houses and an atypical town hall. Apart from the Market Square, there are also a few other old buildings spread out across the city centre, such as the Seven Coat Tower or the Loitz Residence.

Old Market Square tenement houses

old city hall

icon of number 5 with pink text and shadow Bulwar Piastowski

A general term for the section of the river banks located towards the main train station, quite famous for its promenade, urban life, and boats tied to the quay. It's a great place to see the more industrial parts of Szczecin located on the other side of the river, currently experiencing somewhat of a renaissance, but also for photography.

view from above

view from the promenade

icon of number 6 with pink text and shadow Szczecin Beach

Szczecin Beach is a new undertaking on the other side of the river from the Chrobry Embankment. It is a public, urban beach with great views of Central Szczecin, a very laid back atmosphere, hammocks, and bars. It is Szczecin's new hip place, and it is great when you want to escape the concrete jungle and perhaps have a picnic while enjoying the boats passing by.

view at sunset

day view


best restaurants in Szczecin

Grzegorz says:
Szczecin's culinary scene is not the best, and we definitely don't recommend just venturing out and picking any restaurant you come across, especially not in the Old Town.

best local cuisine

Karczma pod kogutem

A restaurant with nice decor, vibrant atmosphere, and a variety of Polish dishes to choose from.

Dishes include herring in cream, minced beefsteak tatare, pork hock, dumplings, and potato cakes.

go to official website

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best affordable local cuisine

Pierogarnia Kaszubskaa

In this affordable restaurant you will find good Polish dumplings, as well as other main dishes and soups.

Dishes include various types of dumplings, tomato soup, pork chop, and beetroot soup.

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best international cuisine

Brasileirinho Brazilian Cuisine

In this lovely restaurant, you can try original Brazilian dishes. This is a no-brainer recommendation for us.

Dishes include entrecôte steak, cod fish, crispy prawns, avocado cakes, and Brazilian seafood soup.

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best affordable international cuisine

Bajgle Krola Jana

For a light lunch, choose this American restaurant with a big choice of freshly-made bagels.

Dishes include different types of freshly baked bagels - both sweet and savory.

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best luxurious restaurant

Z drugiej strony lustra

This luxury restaurant is said by locals to be the best one in Szczecin and boasts a quaint atmosphere.

Dishes include black tagliolini, roasted duck broth, marinated trout, and scallops.

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best cheap restaurant

Bar Mleczny Turysta

A friendly and cheap restaurant serving traditional Polish dishes. You can only pay cash here.

Dishes include fruit soup, dumplings, pancakes, pork chop, and beetroot soup.

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best cafe

Cafe 22

Although the coffee is, indeed, very good here, what makes this cafe special is the wonderful view.

Dishes include coffees and teas, various types of cakes, and ice cream desserts.

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best bar

Baron Cocktail Bar

This bar offers good drinks at fair prices and has a very vibrant atmosphere.

Drinks include most standard drink choices, but the bartenders will happily make any drink you want.

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best bakery

Stara Pączkarnia

A fantastic Polish-style donut chain with a rustic approach - 1950's-like.

The donuts come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, rose jelly (a classic!) and more.

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best breakfast


This is a good place to grab a tasty, healthy breakfast that will wake you up.

Dishes include beautifully-served scrambled eggs, toast, caffees, and salads.

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best hotels in Szczecin

Grzegorz says:
Szczecin is not a huge tourist destination, which has its effects on the hotel scene. However, the good thing is that you never have to worry about hotels being fully booked.

our super low-budget picks

it's no bed of roses; it's no pleasure cruise - but these picks get the job done with dignity for a penny on the dollar.

Star Rooms

An amazing-value shared-bathroom guest house just north of the Old Town.

Prices start at 43 zł [10.0 EUR] per person.

go to booking.com


A basic and tidy shared-bathroom hostel adjacent to the city centre from the north.

Prices start at 50 zł [11.7 EUR] per person.

go to booking.com


A fantastic guest house in the heart of Szczecin with a crazy bang for your buck.

Prices start at 52 zł [12.1 EUR] per person.

go to booking.com

our low-budget picks

for those who want to spend the minimum, but not the bare minimum.


A private-bathroom hostel with very tidy rooms and overlooking the gulf in Northeast Szczecin.

Prices start at 60 zł [14.0 EUR] per person.

go to booking.com

Plac Lotników

A basic, great value aparthotel with private bathrooms and kitchens, located in Central Szczecin.

Prices start at 62 zł [14.5 EUR] per person.

go to booking.com


A great-value double-bed private-bathroom homestay in Northwest Szczecin.

Prices start at 70 zł [16.3 EUR] per person.

go to booking.com

our mid-budget picks

you don't want to miss out on any amenities, but you're not paying extra for fancy decor - this one's for you.

JTB Nautica

A nicely-designed aparthotel with private kitchens just north of the Old Town.

Prices start at 110 zł [25.7 EUR] per person.

go to booking.com


A centrally-located three-star hotel in a post-industrial building with very nice decor.

Prices start at 119 zł [27.8 EUR] per person.

go to booking.com

Ibis Szczecin

A central two-star international chain hotel with all the amenities you expect abroad.

Prices start at 134 zł [31.3 EUR] per person.

go to booking.com

our high-budget picks

for the ones who are coming to Poland for the trip of their lives - or just for the one's who always want the best of the best.


A beautiful 4-star hotel in Central Szczecin with spacious, clean rooms and great bathrooms.

Prices start at 175 zł [40.1 EUR] per person.

go to booking.com

Blu Szczecin

A 4-star international chain with a uniquely Scandinavian approach and decor in the city centre.

Prices start at 304 zł [70.9 EUR] per person.

go to booking.com


Szczecin's best aparthotel in a perfect location, with designer decor and private kitchens.

Prices start at 125 zł [29.2 EUR] per person.

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day trips from Szczecin

Grzegorz says:
I think that by far the best day trip you can take from Szczecin is to Wolin and Międzyzdroje. It's just such a festive, great atmosphere over there - oh, and there's lots of ice cream.

top 5 day trips from Cracow on greyscale simple map
top 5 day trips from Warsaw on greyscale simple map

icon of number 1 with pink text and shadow Międzyzdroje & Wolin

Located some 50 kilometers north of Szczecin, the island and national park of Wolin and the picturesque beach city of Międzyzdroje are a great place for a day trip from the city. The national park boasts beautiful cliffs on the Baltic seaside, and swamps, lakes, and lagoons on the Szczecin gulf side. Międzyzdroje, on the other hand, is a very popular destination among Polish holidaymakers. The beaches are filled with life, and the entire town is filled with cafes, ice cream parlors, and a long pier overlooking the sea.

To get to Międzyzdroje, you can either drive - this takes around 75 minutes - or take a train, which takes around an hour and 20 minutes and costs 17 zł [4.0 EUR].

Grzegorz recommends:
I really love the party-like atmosphere in Międzyzdroje and the quietness and tranquillity of Wolin, and especially around the cliffs. If you have a day to spare, go.

Międzyzdroje beach

Międzydroje pier

Baltic sea cliffs

Szczecin Gulf

icon of number 2 with pink text and shadow Świdwin

Świdwin is a quiet and quaint town of 15 thousand located northeast of Szczecin. It boasts a medieval knight castle from the 1300s and an old town slightly more impressive than that of Szczecin. It is a great place to discover Polish history if you are not traveling to any major cities apart from Szczecin on your journey. What is more, it's a great place to experience the Polish countryside.

It takes about 90 minutes to drive to Świdwin from Central Szczecin. You can also get there by public transport - namely by train, which takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes and costs about 22 zł [5.1 EUR].

Świdwin castle

Old Town

icon of number 3 with pink text and shadow Drawieński National Park

Located southeast of Central Szczecin, Drawieński National Park is a beautiful palette of rivers, streams, creeks, forests, and lakes. It is a great place for kayaking, picnics, and trekking. It is truly remarkable for the beautiful terrain composed by running water and because it has remained untouched for centuries.

It takes roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes to drive there - it's a 115 kilometer drive. Unfortunately, we have found no reliable way of getting there by public transport.

one of the park's creeks

bicycling path

icon of number 4 with pink text and shadow Prenzlau

Though, to some extent, this goes against the premise of this website, we can't help but recommend taking a day trip to the town of Prenzlau to experience the undiscovered parts of northeast Germany. Prenzlau is a well-developed town of 20 thousand, notable mainly for its medieval Gate Tower, St. Mary's Church, Dominican Abbey, and scattered ruins. It's a great place to see Germany if you have not yet had the chance to do so, but also for a picnic or a stroll.

It takes about 55 minutes to drive to Prenzlau from Szczecin - it's a 55 kilometer drive. As for public transport, it is now possible to take a regional train to Pasewalk from Szczecin and switch to a train to Prenzlau. This takes about 1 hour. The price is, unfortunately, not listed online.

during the day

during the night


travel to Szczecin

Grzegorz says:
Now, Szczecin is not conveniently located. It's not on the way to anywhere. However, I would still recommend taking the train there if you can, because the nature you will see on your way there will be worth it.


Although the most popular ways of getting to Szczecin are by train or car, you can also get there by plane. There is a number of things you should know in relation to that.

To learn about the standards of Polish airports, as well as about destinations, go to our transport by plane article.

Grzegorz recommends:
Szczecin might just be the only place where I think flying domestically can make a lot of sense if you don't have 8 hours to spare in a train. Though only from Warsaw or Krakow.

Szczecin Airport (SZZ)

Szczecin Airport is located a 35 minute drive northeast from the city centre and can only be described as tiny. It's only notable destinations are Dublin, Copenhagen, Oslo, and London.

Szczecin Airport outside

Szczecin Airport entrance

getting to the city centre

There are three main ways of getting to the airport, and none of them are that great. The first is to take a bus, which departs from al. Wyzwolenia 17 in Szczecin 2 hours and 20 minutes before every plane departure at Szczecin Airport. The trip takes about 1 hour and costs 13.9 zł [3.2 EUR] each way. There are also buses for the same price which go the other way, departing 20 minutes after the arrival of every plane.

The second way is to take the car, which takes about 35 minutes. The third way is to take a taxi - we do not recommend this, but it can be done and it costs between 110 zł [25.6 EUR] and 150 zł [35.0 EUR].


The other fastest, and much more conventional way of getting to Szczecin, is by train. This is a great option if you're coming to Szczecin from a different Polish city, but can also be done internationally if you're all about train travel - especially from Germany.

You can learn everything there is to know about the standards of Polish trains, as well as about types of trains, buying tickets, and destinations by going to our transport by train article.


In truth, Szczecin has one large station, Szczecin Główny (Szczecin Main), located just by the river banks in Central Szczecin. However, not all trains turn to stop at Szczecin Główny - those who don't will often stop at Szczecin Dąbie instead, which takes much less time.

Szczecin Main Station outside

Szczecin Main Station platform

destinations and prices


  • Warsaw - 6:30h | 72 zł [16.7 EUR]
  • Łódź - 7:00h | 98 zł [22.8 EUR] (with stopover in Ostrów Wielkopolski)
  • Poznań - 3:00h | 40 zł [9.3 EUR]
  • Gdańsk - 4:30h | 54 zł [12.6 EUR]
  • Wrocław - 4:30h | 64 zł [14.9 EUR]
  • Katowice - 7:00h | 74 zł [17.2 EUR]
  • Cracow - 8:00h | 80 zł [18.6 EUR]
  • international

    All relevant major international connections to Poland, along with their prices and times, can be seen in the transport by train article. In the case of Szczecin, there are also regional trains connecting to towns across the German border, with direct connections to most large towns nearby in Germany.


    As long-haul buses re-gain popularity with the rise of companies like Flixbus, so does traveling to Szczecin by bus. However, with the availability of trains to Szczecin, travel to Szczecin by bus makes the most sense from Germany or poorly-connected Polish cities.

    To learn about bus companies in Poland, as well as about how to find buses, buy tickets, and about the quality of buses, head to our transport by bus article.

    bus stations

    In Szczecin, long-haul buses typically stop and depart simply from a makeshift bus station adjacent to the main train station. What's great about this is that the main station is the most accessible spot in the city. There is, however, also a dedicated bus station a little north of the main train station, from which all PKS buses depart.

    the dedicated bus station in Szczecin

    Flixbus at the Szczecin Main Station

    direct destinations


    Currently, from Szczecin you can go to all major Polish cities via direct connections.


    The main direct bus destinations from Szczecin are Hamburg, Rostock, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Munich, and many, many more.


    Taking a road trip to Poland, or to Szczecin in this case, is a great idea, especially from Germany. Everything you need to know is explained in our transport by car article.


    public transport in Szczecin

    Grzegorz says:
    Look, you can rent a car and drive around the city, but if you want to be like a real local, you need to get up close and personal with trams and buses. It may seem scary at first, but it's super intuitive. Here's how I do it.


    To learn about ticket validation in a given vehicle, as well as how to check how long your journey will be, head to the vehicle's dedicated article.

    There are a number of types of tickets in Szczecin, with the main difference between them being validity time. There are also reduced-fare tickets, but because of the inconsistency of the information given on the website with the information given by ticket controllers, we do not recommend buying reduced-fare tickets no matter your status.

    It's important that we first underline that all public transport tickets in Szczecin are valid on all means of public transport (though this does not include regular trains - more on that below).

    types of tickets

  • 15-minute ticket - 2.0 zł [0.5 EUR]
    This type of ticket is great for short inner-city trips, such as to your hotel. In 15 minutes, you can traverse most of the city centre.
  • 30-minute ticket - 3.0 zł [0.7 EUR]
    A 30-minute ticket covers most of Szczecin, and especially the areas you are likely to visit as a tourist.
  • 60-minute ticket - 4.0 zł [0.9 EUR]
    This ticket covers the entirety of Szczecin, and can even be used for two-way travel if you're only going to the store to pick something up.
  • 120-minute ticket - 5.0 zł [1.2 EUR]
    This ticket easily covers the entirety of Szczecin, and can easily be used for two-way travel if you're only going to the store to pick something up, or perhaps even to a fast-food restaurant.
  • 24-hour ticket - 12 zł [2.8 EUR]
    A great option for tourists; this ticket allows you to travel by public transport freely within Szczecin for 24 hours after validation.
  • 120-hour ticket - 35 zł [8.1 EUR]
    A great option for tourists staying in Szczecin for 5 days; this ticket allows you to travel by public transport freely within Szczecin for 120 hours after validation, allowing you to see all of the attractions.
  • 240-hour ticket - 60 zł [14.0 EUR]
    A great option for tourists staying in Szczecin for 10 days; this ticket allows you to travel by public transport freely within Szczecin for 240 hours after validation, allowing you to see all of the attractions. The great thing about it is that you only have to buy a ticket once, and won't have to worry about it for the rest of your trip.
  • 60-minute group ticket - up to 15 persons - 18 zł [4.2 EUR]
    This ticket allows a group of up to 15 persons and one guardian to travel for up to 60 minutes by any public transport within Szczecin.
  • 60-minute group ticket - up to 25 persons - 25 zł [5.8 EUR]
    This ticket allows a group of up to 25 persons and two guardians to travel for up to 60 minutes by any public transport within Szczecin.

  • Please note that the tickets above apply to trips during the day. Night buses and trams have separate tickets, though they cost the same. There are also express services in the city, for which you need special tickets, which cost two times more. There is also the possibility of buying a pack of 10 tickets, which cost 10% less per ticket.

    As you can see, there are a lot of types, but they are well-designed and catered to both tourists and locals. All of the tickets above can be purchased in any location that sells tickets.

    buying tickets

    In Szczecin, the only sensible way to buy public transport tickets is using the ticket machines located all over the city. Whenever you will need to use public transport, you will easily find a machine. If not, there are also in-vehicle machines in most trams and buses. You can read more about buying and validating tickets in the dedicated articles of the various means of transport.


    To learn about ticket validation, standards in buses in Poland, finding routes, and the types of tram stops, head to our tram article.

    Szczecin has a medium-sized tram system for Polish standards, with 12 lines and about 113 kilometers of tracks. Below is a metro-style map of the system.

    what are trams in Szczecin like?

    Most of them are quite modern, especially those on more popular routes, meaning the routes you are more likely to take as a tourist. Moreover, most of Szczecin's trams have in-tram ticket machines.

    Szczecin tram outside

    Szczecin tram inside


    There is nothing unique about the bus system in Szczecin. For everything you need to know, head to our general city bus article.

    Grzegorz recommends:
    I hate saying this, but, if you can, take the tram over the bus. It's not a huge hassle to take the bus, but there's a reason why trams exist in the first place.

    bus outside

    bus inside


    Szczecin's bike sharing system (Bike_S) and bike rental scene is very generic. Everything you need to know can be found in the bike article.

    Bike_S rental station

    Bike_S locking unit


    Read all about calling taxis and Ubers, as well as the prices in Poland, in our taxi/Uber article.

    Our recommended taxi company, Taxi 4 You, is reachable under +48 914 833 833, and costs 3 zł [0.7 EUR] initiation fee and 2.3 zł [0.5 EUR] per kilometer.

    good availability in Szczecin

    taxi waiting area in Szczecin