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poznań guide by a local

Poznań is the best blend of history, views, urban life, shopping, and good food we can think of - here's what you must know.

- what are the things to do in Poznań?
- what are the best restaurants in Poznań?
- how does public transport in Poznań work?


what to see

what to see

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where to eat

best hotels

best hotels

day trips

day trips

getting there

getting there

getting around

getting around


what to see in Poznań

Grzegorz says:
Poznań has surprisingly many attractions for a city of its size, and they're mainly concentrated around the Old Town. It may be best to go out an explore without a map to follow.

top 10 attractions in Warsaw on greyscale simple map
top 10 attractions in Warsaw on greyscale simple map

icon of number 1 with pink text and shadow Old Market Square & Old Town

Poznań's Old Market Square and the surrounding Old Town area is by far the most colorful in Poland, perhaps in Europe, and is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. In its centre is Poznań's beautiful City Hall, from which two buck figures emerge every day at noon and have a symbolic brawl. Apart from the City Hall, the Market Square houses dozens of beautiful tenement houses, but also restaurants and cafes. It is, essentially, the centre of tourist life and a big site for urban life. The Old Town area is also known for its hip bars and nightlife.

city hall

tenement houses on Market Square

Old Town from above

night view of Market Square

icon of number 2 with pink text and shadow Church of St. Stanislaus

First constructed in 1915, and later reconstructed after WWII, the basilica occupies a large part of Poznań's Old Town, and its colorful facade elevates the festive atmosphere of the area. The church can be visited every day free of charge, and it should be - namely for its beautiful, well-kept exteriors and lavish interiors, the cobblestone-paved area with many quaint restaurants, the many ornaments and decorations, and the splurging golden accents.

south view

north view

icon of number 3 with pink text and shadow Imperial Castle

Constructed in 1910, the Imperial Castle in Poznań was constructed for the likes of the last German monarch, Wilhelm II. Today, it is the most important building of the Imperial District of Poznań, and its unique style is truly something to see while in the city. Unfortunately, due to current restoration efforts, it is not possible to enter the castle for sightseeing.

view from park

view from street

icon of number 4 with pink text and shadow Cytadela Park

If you want to escape from the city, head to one of Poland's largest parks, just north of the Old Town. Cytadela Park is a great place to experience metropolitan life in Poland away from all the other tourists. The park is a place to walk, bike, relax, or have a picnic. Apart from that, the park boasts a number of unusual monuments and sculptures, as well as a collection of military aircraft and tanks on display.


"Nierozpoznani" Statue

icon of number 5 with pink text and shadow Stary Browar

If this list was made for locals, Stary Browar, which translates directly into Old Brewery, would top the list. The building is an amazing restoration and interpretation of an actual brewery once operating in the complex. Today, it is a beautifully designed shopping mall, but also a park, a set of restaurants, and an art gallery. It is a fantastic place to grab something to eat or some ice cream and chill out on the chairs freely available in the park. It's also great for some shopping, of course.

Grzegorz recommends:
Look, I've travelled quite a lot, but I think that Stary Browar is the most impressive, beautiful and practical shopping centre I have ever seen. Check it out.

view from the entrance

inside view

view from the park

inside view

icon of number 6 with pink text and shadow Warta Banks

There is a duality when it comes to the banks of the Warta river. On one hand, one can come here to relax after a day in the city. The promenades running along the embankments are usually quiet and cozy, and the place is great for picnics. On weekend nights, however, the entire embankment turns into Poznań's open-air party centre. This, however, is not to say that it makes the area less inviting - although it may seem chaotic, it is actually a great opportunity to experience city life among Poland's young generation.

peaceful side of the banks

crazy side of the banks

icon of number 7 with pink text and shadow Ostrów Tumski

Ostrów Tumski is the only remaining island on the river Warta, located northwest of the Old Town. Apart from having a countryside-like, peaceful atmosphere, it is the home of a number of important landmarks - namely a large basilica from 1945, the Archbishop Palace, a church from 1400s, and a pastoral building from 1518. The area is great for a walk, and a stroll to it from the city centre reveals a lot of undiscovered post-industrial Poznań.

view from across the river

view of the church and basilica


best restaurants in Poznań

Grzegorz says:
Poznań has an amazing, diverse, and hip culinary scene with many restaurants to explore. Some of them didn't make it to this list, but I highly encourage exploration when it comes to Poznań.

best local cuisine

A Nóż Widelec

Restauracja A Nóż Wiedelec serves good and modern Polish food - in a surprisingly cozy atmosphere.

Dishes include beetroot soup, dumplings, goose confit, beef tatar, and a melting chocolate ball.

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best affordable local cuisine

Na Winklu

An affordable and classic Polish restaurant where pierogi are a must-try.

Dishes include mainly different types of dumplings, either friend or boiled, as well as both sweet and savory.

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best international cuisine

Matii Sushi

Located right in the centre, this Japanese restaurant offers a classic sushi, as well as some modern, experimental types.

Dishes include miso soup, a variety of sushi and sashimi, tartares, and some seasonal menu dishes.

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best affordable international cuisine


A cozy restaurant located right by the Old Town with reasonable prices and good burgers.

Dishes include pulled pork, various burger choices, french fries, salads, and drinks.

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best luxurious restaurant

Muga Restauracja

In our opinion, this resturant serves the best food in Poznań, and it is a Michelin experience for a reasonable price.

Dishes include octopus, salmon, beef sirloin, deer loin, duck, and beef tartare.

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best cheap restaurant


This restaurant offers a variety of tasty pancakes in affordable prices with spot-on mystic decor.

Dishes include savory panckaes with chciken or mozzarela, as well as sweet ones - for example with nutella or coconut.

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best cafe

Cacao Republika

A charming cafe located adjacent to the Old Town with a unique, quiant decor and simply delicious hot chocoloate.

Dishes include coffees, teas, hot chocolate, and a variety of cakes to choose from.

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best bar

Pijalnia wódki i piwa

A classic, rustic Polish pub that offers drinks and shots at affordable prices.

Drinks include various types of Polish beer, vodka shots, as well as snacks and drinks.

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best bakery

Stara Pączkarnia

A fantastic Polish-style donut chain with a rustic approach - 1950's-like.

The donuts come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, rose jelly (a classic!) and more.

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best breakfast

Weranda Cafe

This cafe offers a lovely, tasty breakfast in a charming atmosphere.

Dishes include beautifully-served scrambled eggs with salmon, fresh croissants, toasts, and banana pancakes.

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best hotels in Poznań

Grzegorz says:
Poznań sees an increasing number of tourists every year, and for good reason. Therefore, the hotel scene is also growing - the city now has a number of recognized international offerings.

our super low-budget picks

it's no bed of roses; it's no pleasure cruise - but these picks get the job done with dignity for a penny on the dollar.


A great-value shared-bathroom folk-style double-bed hostel in the heart of Poznań’s Old Town.

Prices start at 45 zł [10.5 EUR] per person.

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A basic aparthotel with shared-bathrooms and kitchenettes located in Poznań city center.

Prices start at 40 zł [9.3 EUR] per person.

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Very Berry

A shared-bathroom hostel with tidy, stylized décor in Poznań’s historic Old Town with nice views.

Prices start at 45 zł [10.5 EUR] per person.

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our low-budget picks

for those who want to spend the minimum, but not the bare minimum.

Guest House

A 20th-century-style guest house with private bathrooms located in Northern Poznań.

Prices start at 60 zł [14.0 EUR] per person.

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A private-bathroom aparthotel with nice, tidy décor, kitchens, and a great location in Poznań.

Prices start at 64 zł [14.9 EUR] per person.

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A hostel in the heart of the Old Town with shared bathrooms and tidy, basic furnishing.

Prices start at 67 zł [15.6 EUR] per person.

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our mid-budget picks

you don't want to miss out on any amenities, but you're not paying extra for fancy decor - this one's for you.

Hotel Topaz Poznań Centrum

A very nice and tidy 3-star hotel with private bathrooms located near Poznań Main Station.

Prices start at 99 zł [23.1 EUR] per person.

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A 3-star hotel in dead city center with very nice and clean rooms and great reviews.

Prices start at 87 zł [20.3 EUR] per person.

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Living Apartments Poznań

A luxurious aparthotel in a beautiful building and nice bathrooms just north of the Old Town.

Prices start at 87 zł [20.3 EUR] per person.

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our high-budget picks

for the ones who are coming to Poland for the trip of their lives - or just for the one's who always want the best of the best.

Don Prestige Residence

A beautiful aparthotel with all amenities you expect, as well as balconies, baths, and more.

Prices start at 152 zł [35.4 EUR] per person.

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PURO Poznań Stare Miasto

A very nice central 4-star luxury hotel with designer Scandinavian rooms and great views.

Prices start at 229 zł [53.3 EUR] per person.

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Hotel Blow Up Hall 5050

A central designer 5-star hotel with very unique, stylized rooms, located in an old brewery.

Prices start at 207 zł [48.2 EUR] per person.

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day trips from Poznań

Grzegorz says:
Poznań has some amazing day trips to discover, and I would especially recommend Leszno for a countryside vibe or Biskupin if you want to experience something truly unique and have a car.

top 5 day trips from Cracow on greyscale simple map
top 5 day trips from Warsaw on greyscale simple map

icon of number 1 with pink text and shadow Świebodzin

Świebodzin is a small city of about 20 thousand with two main things going for it - the world's largest statue of Jesus Christ at 53 meters tall, which by itself is something thousands flock to Świebodzin for every year. The other thing Świebodzin has going for it is its beautiful old town, which on one hand is simply pretty with its few cafes, churches and town hall, and on the other hand is a great display of Polish countryside life.

It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to go to Świebodzin from Central Poznań by car. However, we recommend taking the train, which takes 55 minutes and costs 30 zł [7.0 EUR] each way.

statue of Christ the King

Main Square

icon of number 2 with pink text and shadow Wielkopolski National Park

Wielkopolski National Park is Western Poland's epicenter of lakes, forests, chateaus, bike paths, and relaxation. Being very close to Poznań, the park is a great place for anyone looking to escape the city for a day or half a day. If you can get hold of a kayak, the experience will be even better. In fact, for animal lovers out there, the park offers a wide variety of rare insects, but also badgers, snakes, boars, deer, and martens.

It's easiest by far to get there by car - it takes just 30 minutes from central Poznań, and it's a 20-kilometer drive. Unlike most other national parks, it is also quite accessible by public transport, through the city of Mosina. It's easiest to take a train to Mosina, which costs only 6.5 zł [1.5 EUR] and takes less than 20 minutes.

view from above

ground view

icon of number 3 with pink text and shadow Gniezno

Gniezno is a historically important city of almost 70 thousand located northeast of Poznań. It is the medieval capital of Poland, and today boasts a nice Old Town, which includes a Main Square with tenement houses and restaurants, as well as a Catherdal first constructed in the 11th century.

It takes 30 minutes to go to Gniezno from Poznań Main Station by train - and it costs 17 zł [4.0 EUR] each way. You can also go by car, though this is a bit counterproductive - this will take you 40 minutes.

Gniezno Old Town

Gniezno Main Square

icon of number 4 with pink text and shadow Leszno

Leszno is a minor city between Wrocław and Poznań, with its main attraction being the beautifully-preserved Main Square and Old Town with dozens of colorful tenement houses, a handful of great restaurants, but, most importantly, great atmosphere in the summer, especially during the evenings. The bright-pink facade of the city hall is also great for photography, and, in recent years, the city has seen an increase in hip urban areas and in urban life in general.

It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive from Poznań to Leszno, though this is expected to decrease by 50% when an expressway opens in late 2019. You can also take the train, which we recommend - this takes a little over 1 hour and costs 15 zł [3.5 EUR].

Grzegorz recommends:
I really like Leszno. It has a fantastic countryside vibe while still having enough attractions and beautiful architecture to make it worthwhile to come from Poznań.

Old Town from above

Słowiańska street

icon of number 5 with pink text and shadow Biskupin

Biskupin is an archeological open-air museum located northeast of Poznań. It presents and lets visitors explore a settlement from roughly 720 BC. The settlement consists of a fortified wall, a wooden gate, and two elongated huts. Inside of the buildings, you can find artifacts from an era long gone. Biskupin is one of the best-preserved locations of this type in the world, and it is a must-see for anyone who's in the area.

Biskupin is best reachable by car - it takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to go there from central Poznań. If you want to get there by public transport, you're basically out of luck. The only way to get there is to take a train to Gniezno, then a bus to Gąsawa, and then a bus to Biskupin, which will take you just under 3 hours and cost 29 zł [6.8 EUR] each way.

view of entrance

inside the huts


travel to Poznań

Grzegorz says:
Poznań lies very centrally in Poland and, maybe not counting Krakow, is very well connected by train, which I highly recommend. This also goes for travel from Berlin.


The most popular way of getting to Poznań is by plane. There is a number of things you should know in relation to that.

To learn about the standards of Polish airports, as well as about destinations, go to our transport by plane article.

Poznań Ławica Airport (POZ)

This is Poznań's only airport located close to the city centre towards the west. It is rather small, but has all the essential connections to the largest European cities, as well as some leisure-focused connections.

Poznań Ławica Airport landside

Poznań Ławica Airport outside

getting to the city centre

There are two popular ways of getting to Poznań from the airport. The best way in our opinion is to take bus no. 159 towards Poznań Główny (Poznań Main Station). This takes 20 minutes and costs 4.6 zł [1.0 EUR]. The second option is to take a taxi, which will take about 15 minutes and cost you 50 zł [11.7 EUR] for a regular taxi or around 20 zł [4.7 EUR] by Uber.


The other fastest, and a bit more conventional way of getting to Poznań, is by train. This is a great option if you're coming to Poznań from a different Polish city, but can also be done internationally if you're all about train travel.

You can learn everything there is to know about the standards of Polish trains, as well as about types of trains, buying tickets, and destinations by going to our transport by train article.

Grzegorz recommends:
I highly recommend taking the train to Poznań. It's by far the fastest, most flexible, and cheapest option out there and the views on the way will be something to remember.


In truth, Poznań has one very large station, Poznań Główny (Poznań Main), located to the southwest of the Old Town.

Poznań Main Station outside

Poznań Main Station inside

destinations and prices


  • Warsaw - 4:00h | 55 zł [12.8 EUR]
  • Łódź - 4:00h | 33 zł [7.7 EUR]
  • Cracow - 6:30h | 72 zł [16.7 EUR]
  • Gdańsk - 3:00h | 62 zł [14.4 EUR]
  • Wrocław - 2:30h | 38 zł [8.9 EUR]
  • Katowice - 4:00h | 62 zł [14.4 EUR]
  • Szczecin - 3:00h | 40 zł [9.3 EUR]
  • international

    All relevant international connections to Poland, along with their prices and times, can be seen in the transport by train article.


    As long-haul buses re-gain popularity with the rise of companies like Flixbus, so does traveling to Poznań by bus. However, with the availability of cheap flights to Poznań, travel to Poznań by bus makes the most sense from other Polish cities.

    To learn about bus companies in Poland, as well as about how to find buses, buy tickets, and about the quality of buses, head to our transport by bus article.

    bus stations

    In Poznań, long-haul buses typically stop and depart simply at what is called the main bus station, adjacent to the main train station. What's great about this is that the main station is the most accessible spot in the city.

    the bus station in Poznań

    Flixbus at the Poznań bus station

    direct destinations


    Currently, from Poznań you can go to all major Polish cities via direct connections.


    The main direct bus destinations from Poznań are Berlin, Hamburg, Budapest, Prague, Kiev, Rome, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Marseille, Oslo, and many, many more.


    Taking a road trip to Poland, or to Poznań in this case, is a great idea, especially from Germany. Everything you need to know is explained in our transport by car article.


    public transport in Poznań

    Grzegorz says:
    Look, you can rent a car and drive around the city, but if you want to be like a real local, you need to get up close and personal with trams and buses. It may seem scary at first, but it's super intuitive. Here's how I do it.


    To learn about ticket validation in a given vehicle, as well as how to check how long your journey will be, head to the vehicle's dedicated article.

    There are a few types of tickets in Poznań, with the main difference between them being validity time. There are also reduced-fare tickets, but because of the inconsistency of the information given on the website with the information given by ticket controllers, we do not recommend buying reduced-fare tickets no matter your status.

    It's important that we first underline that all public transport tickets in Poznań are valid on all means of public transport (though this does not include regular trains - more on that below).

    types of tickets

  • 10-minute ticket - 3.0 zł [0.7 EUR]
    This type of ticket is great for short inner-city trips, such as to your hotel. In 10 minutes, you can traverse most of the city centre.
  • 40-minute/single-journey ticket - 4.6 zł [1.1 EUR]
    A 40-minute ticket covers most of Poznań, and especially the areas you are likely to visit as a tourist. Alternatively, this ticket allows you to travel any one journey, even over 40 minutes, as long as you stay in the vehicle you validated the ticket in.
  • 24-hour ticket - 13.6 zł [3.2 EUR]
    A great option for tourists; this ticket allows you to travel by public transport freely within Poznań for 24 hours after validation.
  • 48-hour ticket - 21.0 zł [4.9 EUR]
    A great option for tourists staying in Poznań for 2 days; this ticket allows you to travel by public transport freely within Poznań for 48 hours after validation, allowing you to see all of the attractions.
  • 72-hour ticket - 27.0 zł [6.3 EUR]
    A great option for tourists staying in Poznań for 3 days; this ticket allows you to travel by public transport freely within Poznań for 72 hours after validation, allowing you to see all of the attractions.
  • 7-day ticket - 47 zł [10.9 EUR]
    A great option for tourists staying in Poznań for a week; this ticket allows you to travel by public transport freely within Poznań for 7 days after validation, allowing you to see all of the attractions. The great thing about it is that you only have to buy a ticket once, and won't have to worry about it for the rest of your trip.

  • As you can see, there are a handful of types, but they are well-designed and catered to both tourists and locals. All of the tickets above can be purchased in any location that sells tickets.

    buying tickets

    In Poznań, the only sensible way to buy public transport tickets is using the ticket machines located all over the city. Whenever you will need to use public transport, you will easily find a machine. If not, there are also in-vehicle machines in most trams and buses. You can read more about buying and validating tickets in the dedicated articles of the various means of transport.


    To learn about ticket validation, standards in buses in Poland, finding routes, and the types of tram stops, head to our tram article.

    Poznań has a rather large tram system for Polish standards, with 18 lines and about 147 kilometers of tracks. Below is a metro-style map of the system.

    what are trams in Poznań like?

    Most of them are quite modern, especially those on more popular routes, meaning the routes you are more likely to take as a tourist. Moreover, most of Poznań's trams have in-tram ticket machines.

    Poznań tram outside

    Poznań tram seats


    There is nothing unique about the bus system in Poznań. For everything you need to know, head to our general city bus article.

    Grzegorz recommends:
    I hate saying this, but, if you can, take the tram over the bus. It's not a huge hassle to take the bus, but there's a reason why trams exist in the first place.

    bus outside

    bus inside


    Poznań's bike sharing system (Poznański Rower Miejski) and bike rental scene is very generic. Everything you need to know can be found in the bike article.

    PRM rental station

    PRM locking unit


    Read all about calling taxis and Ubers, as well as the prices in Poland, in our taxi/Uber article.

    Our recommended taxi company, Taxi RMI, is reachable under +48 618 219 219, and costs 7 zł [1.6 EUR] initiation fee and 2.4 zł [0.6 EUR] per kilometer.

    good availability in Poznań

    taxi waiting area in Poznan